We are a Veteran’s Health Care advocate, and Veteran assistance organization.  

We are a grassroots group dedicated to helping Veterans and family of Veterans.

We NO LONGER meet quarterly with the Southern Arizona VA Health Care System (SAVAHCS) Associate Director Jennifer Gutowski.  Prior to Ms. Gutowski we net with Linda Reynolds, who transfered to Washington state.   At the meetings we presented issues that involved the quality and or lack of Health Care we receive at SAVAHCS in Tucson and outlying clinics and facilities.  But in late 2016, Ms. Gutowski put a stop to some of the most important communications, citing Veterans Privacy.   She will soon (2017) be taking over the Directorship of the Hawii VA.

We ask for the Associate Director and her administrative staff to address and remedy negative issues brought to our and their attention by Veterans and their families. 

We also work closely with our elected officials.  We are non-partisan and work with whomever holds the office, so as to benefit the Veteran.  We do not offer nor do we provide legal advice.
We strive to assist all Veterans who are in need of comprehensive Medical and or Psychological Health Care, by maintaining an open and positive communication and dialog with SAVAHCS.  
MS. Gutowski, put a stop to those communications.